Art Journaling

Art Journal Challenge – Week 5

Hello everyone. Welcome to week five of my 52 week art journaling challenge. For this weeks page I used a couple of products I haven’t used before which was… interesting? As I only started doing anything even remotely arty one month ago,Β  I am definitely discovering what styles and mediums (that’s a word artists use, I’m learning stuff!) I like and what I don’t fancy so much. And how to use them properly before I write them off completely. πŸ™ Which is great because I would really love to take some sort of a class in the future and it’s helpful to have an idea what direction one might want to head.


But to be honest, right now I keep looking at much more experienced art journal-ers and artists and while I feel inspired I also feel like a complete failure. Am I the only one who’s projects look like s**t? Why does everyone else make it look effortless? What am I missing? Talent perhaps? Maybe.


I’ll leave you with two quotes from Julia Cameron to ponder. Myself included. Till next time.

β€œRemember that in order to recover as an artist, you must be willing to be a bad artist. Give yourself permission to be a beginner. By being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance to be an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one.”

“The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer for an artist. The beginner’s humility and openness lead to exploration. Exploration leads to accomplishment. All of it begins at the beginning, with the first small and scary step… Wherever you are is always the right place. There is never a need to fix anything, to hitch up the bootstraps of the soul and start at some higher place. Start right where you are.”

– Julia Cameron

Thanks so much for reading and watching everyone! I really do appreciate it. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Hoping you have a wild and lovely day,

Till next time,


Products Used

Dylusions Creative Journal 9 x 12 Inch: Mixed Media Store Australia / Amazon

Mont Marte A5 Watercolour Book : Amazon AU

Mod Podge : Amazon AU / Amazon

Gelatos : Spotlight

Art Culture Acrylic Paint: Riot Art & Craft



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