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Art Journaling – A Haven For This Introvert

52 Week Art Journal Challenge – Week 1 – New Year

Bear with me folks, this post may be a little bit higgledy-piggledy.

Art journaling. What the heck is it?

Until a month ago, I had never heard of art journaling. Thinking about it, I can’t even remember what I was meant to be doing when I stumbled across it in the first place. For some reason I clicked on a Dyan Reaveley video and from there it was down the rabbit hole I went. For whatever reason, I was instantly drawn to it. So what is an art journal?

An art journal is simply a visual record of someone’s thoughts, ideas, feelings etc. It’s a mirror to their inner world. It can be done in any sort of book and uses an array of tools and techniques such as inks, texture paste, paints, clippings, stencils & stamps. The list goes on.

So what drew me to it? Many things I suppose, but what sticks out most is the freedom. There are no rules when it comes to art journaling. You are free to create whatever it is you want to create without the fear of doing it wrong. There is no wrong! As someone who always fears doing ‘it’ wrong, this is exactly what I needed.

Now, please remember, this is all personal opinion, but I have struggled my whole life to feel as though I belong. I haven’t succeeded. I feel as though my introversion has something to do with that. I always felt that there was something wrong with me (I did one of those personality tests once and it came up 90% Introvert. Ha. I mean, I wonder sometimes how I even function!). I feel that society has a bias towards extroversion, and I have felt the pressure to be something I am not, just to make other people comfortable. I don’t want to do that anymore. I actually really like who I am. Sure, I’m not like you or you or you, but that’s cool. We all have value.

So what’s all this got to do with art journaling you say? Well, I think I have finally found a safe place where I can just be myself. No expectations, no pressure, no judgement. I am free to just be. And let me tell you, it is lovely x 10. I’m no artist, and it doesn’t matter, I don’t need to be! There are no rules here. Just show up and be yourself. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Heck yes; but this also challenges me as well.

You see, as a kid (and adult), if I coloured outside the line just once, the whole picture was ruined for me. In high school, I would come home and rewrite all my notes if I thought they were even slightly messy. I can’t keep a written journal, because if I don’t like my handwriting on just one page, I abandon the whole book. I am a neat person. I like everything to be in its place and kept tidy. I also like a plan and greatly dislike the unexpected. These are just some of my quirks. But guess what?

Art Journaling is messy as hell! And ink spray? Man, that stuff has a life of its own! Of course, you can have a general plan I suppose, but I feel as though you have to be adaptable, because it might not quite work out how you wanted it to. It is outside my comfort zone yet feels like home at the same time. Anyone relate?

So that’s why I set up this 52 week challenge for myself. I really want to have something I can look back and reflect on at the end of the year so I have decided that once a week I will create a page about something that either happened that week or books I read during a particular month, maybe the seasons changing and the vegetables I harvested or a delicious meal I made. My personal theme for the year is ‘Homespun Love’ so that will feature in my journal pages.

Why am I sharing it online? For a few reasons. First, it will hold me accountable. Also, I’m hoping it might make others feel safe to be themselves as well. The old ‘Introverts Unite! Separately, in our own homes.’ kinda thing. It’s also so far outside my comfort zone I will have entered the next galaxy, but in a way that allows me to stay true to myself.

So what’s up for the first week? Well, for my very first page, the theme is an obvious one; New Year. Now, I don’t have a lot of tools yet, so my options were slightly limited, but I made do.


I used a quote I thought summed up what I want to achieve and sure, it’s not super fancy but to be honest, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Not bad for a first go!


I learned a few things also:

  • I need a bigger craft mat.
  • One must have a clear work area as this s**ts about to get messy! πŸ™
  • Ink spray stains your fingers. Now everyone will know what I’ve been up to. πŸ˜‰
  • The water in a mini mister doesn’t go very far. Always use your big mister. πŸ˜‰
  • Unplanned occurrences are bound to happen.

So that’s week one done! I did it! What’s up next?

Week Two : Happy Camper (because camping is in tents and I am going camping this week!)

Thanks so much for reading and watching everyone! I really do appreciate it. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Hoping you have a wild and lovely day, till next time.


Products Used

Dylusions Creative Journal 9 x 12 Inch: Mixed Media Store Australia / Amazon

Dylusions Ink Spray (Pomegranate Seed & Polished Jade): Mixed Media Store Australia / Amazon

Dusty Attic Sunburst Stencil: The Scrapbook Store

Kaisercraft Spotty Stencil: The Scrapbook Store

Crafter’s Companion Believe In Spring Stamp Set: Craft Online

Crafter’s Companion Be Kind & Shine Stamp Set: Craft Online

Ranger Archival Ink Jet Black: The Scrapbook Store / Amazon

Santoro Gorguss Girl Rainbow Dreams Stamp: The Scrapbook Store

Momento Ink Pad: The Scrapbook Store

Copic Markers: The Scrapbook Store

Mod Podge: The Scrapbook Store / Amazon

Sakura Gelly Roll Pen White: The Scrapbook Store / Amazon





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