Thrifty Way To Clean Your Tim Holtz Stamp Platform

Just a quickie video showing a thrifty way for us budget conscious crafters to clean our Tim Holtz Stamp Platform. When I first got my platform it was beautifully clean (as you would expect) but being the awkward clumsy girl I am, it quickly had archival ink all over it. Many times did I smudge it on the lid with the ink pad while inking up a stamp as well as forgetting to clean a stamp and closing it in the platform sans paper only to leave a lovely impression on the platform base. While watching others stamping, I noticed that their platforms did not look like mine (covered in ink).


So I went looking for a ‘how to clean’. I did find many people suggesting Novus Plastic Polish, which I would like to get at some point, but I was looking for what I could use that I already had around the house. I finally found the answer and it worked beautifully. Hand sanitiser!


The alcohol in them works a treat. So easy, readily available and cheap. There are tons of different ones out there but I had this Palmolive one I take camping. Squeeze some onto your platform, give it a rub with an old rag and boom! Like new once again.


Now I will get on to cleaning my stamp shammy!

❀ Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a wild & lovely day! ❀

Interested in any of the products used? I have listed some of the places I have found them here for you.

Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Stamp Platform



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